Services and Activities


Saturday services     9:00 AM (advanced teaching)
Sunday Service           9:00 AM


Kids' Church

(During Sunday Service)

We do not send children out of the service. Children aged 4 through primary school.  Children are allocated a device loaded with fun bible stories and teaching apps. These devices are to be used under adult supervision. The devices do not have access to the internet.

Tiny Tots

       Tiny Tots play group is a fun time for parents and children.
       Developmental play for todlers
       Nurse run clinic for child development checks
       Equiping parents with current child development strategies

       Contact the office for registration forms





Boys' Brigade

    Providing fun, challenge & adventure for all school-aged males.
     BB trains and empowers young people for effective leading &                 mission impact in their world today. BB has 
an unashamedly                   Christian foundation. BB has a proven track record for reaching
     out and providing mentoring programs for boys of all backgrounds, abilities & interests - broadening their horizons and skills with international recognition for their achievements. 

Contact the Door of Hope Office or check out the Boys Brigade website.



These are designed to help people grow in faith and obedience to Christ.
People meet for worship, communion, encouragement, prayer and faith-based discussion.
Each group is different and unique, we do not clone the home groups.
You may need to try several groups before finding the right one for you.
The word of Hope news lettre has details of the groups, this is emailed out and available in hard copy at Church gatherings on Saturday and Sunday.
Please contact the Door of Hope Office for more information on these groups and which might be  more suited to your needs.




Door of Hope is excited to partner with Albert State School to offer mentoring to kids at risk.  Our church provides volunteer mentors to go into the school and spend one hour per week with a vulnerable child who needs some extra care and support. The impact and power of one-to-one mentoring can have a life changing effect on these children and gives that glimmer of ‘Hope’ that they need.



The Mens Shed exists as a place where men can connect for encouragement.   

The actual shed is yet to be built, but men can still come along to the Mens Shed house at 12 Howard Street for a game of pool, wide screen TV, to work on a project or just sit and chat.