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19/9/2021 Phillip Chrimes  Tribulation - has it started. Are we there yet Part 2 

12/9/2021 Phillip Chrimes  Tribulation - preparing for end times. 

29/8/2021 Phillip Chrimes  Does God Really Love You Unconditionally Part 4 

22/8/2021 Graeme Harry  What is the quality of your life's build 

15/8/2021 Alan Weedon  When the Church is the Church 

1/8/2021 Phillip Chrimes  Does God really love you 

18/7/2021 Phillip Chrimes  Satans attack on Churches - Stage 2 

11/7/2021 Phillip Chrimes  How to live as a Christian in these last days 

4/7/2021 Phillip Chrimes  Evangelism Part 5 

27/6/2021 Phillip Chrimes  How does our relationship with God work 

20/6/2021 Phillip Chrimes  Evangelism Part 4 

13/6/2021 Alan Weedon  Having genuine Faith 

30/5/2021 Phillip Chrimes  Evangelism Part 2 Do we have power like the original 12 

23/5/2021 Phillip Chrimes  Evangelism Lesson 1 - Is it for everyone. 

9/5/2021 Phillip Chrimes  Part 2 Born again - sovereign election and personal responsibility to believe. 

8/5/2021 Phillip Chrimes  Part 1 Born again-sovereign election and personal responsibility to believe. 

2/5/2021 Phillip Chrimes  You cannot make the gospel more attractive to sinners. 

25/4/2021 Phillip Chrimes  Social Justice Gospel is dangerous 

11/4/2021 Phillip Chrimes  Elders and Deacons 

4/4/2021 Phillip Chrimes  The risen Christ in revealed to us by the Holy Spirit. 

28/3/2021 Phillip Chrimes  Palm Sunday - Surrender to the truth of the gospel. 

21/3/2021 Phillip Chrimes  The Church Structure - be of the same Spirit 

14/3/2021 Phillip Chrimes  Guiding Principles - Judges of the old testament and Jesus as the head of the Church. 

7/3/2021 Phillip Chrimes  Guiding Principles for Church Structure. 

28/2/2021 Phillip Chrimes  Evidence for the existence of God 

21/2/2021 Alan Weedon  Pastor Alan speaks on not wrestling against flesh and blood. 

14/2/2021 Phillip Chrimes  Jesus is Lord and head of the Church. 

7/2/2021 Phillip Chrimes  Evidence of salvation is an ability and desire to grow in your faith through trials. 

31/1/2021 Phillip Chrimes  Evidence of Salvation Part 3 

17/1/2021 Phillip Chrimes  Evidence of Salvation Part 1 

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Showing records 1 through 30.