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21/2/2021 Alan Weedon  Pastor Alan speaks on not wrestling against flesh and blood. 

14/2/2021 Phillip Chrimes  Jesus is Lord and head of the Church. 

7/2/2021 Phillip Chrimes  Evidence of salvation is an ability and desire to grow in your faith through trials. 

31/1/2021 Phillip Chrimes  Evidence of Salvation Part 3 

17/1/2021 Phillip Chrimes  Evidence of Salvation Part 1 

10/1/2021 Phillip Chrimes  Be baptized in the Holy Spirit - power for ministry 

25/12/2020 Phillip Chrimes  Jesus birth is great joy for believers - Christmas 2020 

13/12/2020 Phillip Chrimes  Belief in Jesus leads to a sound mind 

6/12/2020 Phillip Chrimes  Salvation by grace alone and not by works 

22/11/2020 Phillip Chrimes  False Prophets and Laying on of Hands 

15/11/2020 Phillip Chrimes  Salvation required the acknowledgement of sin and our sin nature 

8/11/2020 Phillip Chrimes  God's holiness demans that sin be judged (Leviticus 9 1-10) 

1/11/2020 Phillip Chrimes  Do not believe the lie that pursuing your own self interest leads to happiness. 

25/10/2020 Phillip Chrimes  The Bible is a reliable account of God's revelation to us. 

18/10/2020 Phillip Chrimes  Why are you coming to Jesus - What is your motivation for salvation. 

11/10/2020 Phillip Chrimes  (Free Will) How to start a spiritual conversation building towards sharing your faith. Episode 2.  

4/10/2020 Phillip Chrimes  (Election) The first salvation question to ask, Is the Lord being revealed to You. Episode 1 

27/9/2020 Phillip Chrimes  The greater work we do that Jesus (John 14 12-18) 

13/9/2020 Phillip Chrimes  Obedience leads to love and joy in the Lord - Part 2 John 14 12 

12/9/2020 Phillip Chrimes  Not all professing Christians will go to heaven Matthew 24 44-51 

6/9/2020 Phillip Chrimes  He who believes in Me the works that I do he will do also - Part 1 John 14 12-14 

5/9/2020 Phillip Chrimes  The sun, moon & stars will be darkened due to massive volcanic eruption Episdoe 12 Matthew 24 25-44 

30/8/2020 Phillip Chrimes  Jesus Is God. John 147 11 

29/8/2020 Phillip Chrimes  He who endures to the end of the tribulation shall be saved. Episode 11. Matthew 24 13-26 

23/8/2020 Phillip Chrimes  Repent from false idols. Jesus is the only way. John 14 4-6 

22/8/2020 Phillip Chrimes  Matthew 24 1-12 Deception of the modern gospel before Jesus Return - Episode 10 

16/8/2020 Phillip Chrimes  Let not Your Heart be Troubled, in Heaven there is a place for You. John 142-3 

15/8/2020 Phillip Chrimes  The redemptive week part 2 - and - the birth of Israel - Episode 9 

9/8/2020 Phillip Chrimes  Jesus Said, You believe in God believe also in Me. John 141 

8/8/2020 Phillip Chrimes  Revelation 21 and 22 the eternal state and the redemptive week part 1 

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Showing records 31 through 60.